City of Niagara Falls New Recycling and Refuse Collection Program


 Program Update:
We are making major strides in delivering carts to the citizens of Niagara Falls! As you receive your cart, we encourage you to begin using it right away. Also, please note the 10-digit number on the front of each cart. That number is unique and we recommend you write them down and place that information in a safe place for your records.
Recycling has increased nearly 4 fold since July! Congratulations Niagara Falls! You're doing a wonderful job! If you find yourself with any questions on what is or what is not recyclable, please don’t hesitate to call 286-4840, option 2. We will be happy to help!
Thank you!

Your Recycling & Trash will soon be collected in carts which will be provided by the City

Green Cart for                                  Blue Cart for                            
Recycling Only (96 gal.)
           Trash Only (64 gal.)                         


Recycling Collection will take place every other week on your trash collection day.

Trash Collection will remain on your same collection day. For example, if your collection day is on Monday, it will stay on Monday.


Green Cart                                               Blue Cart
Height: 44 inches                                                        Height: 39 inches
Width:  25 inches                                                         Width: 24 inches
Front to Back: 35 inches                                           Front to Back: 28  inches