Steve Juzwicki Buildings and Grounds Foreman



Hyde Park Facilties - at Hyde Park and Pine

  • Picnic tables, grills, restrooms


Picnic Grounds C and D Shelters - Capacity 40 people                                                        
Residents $25 each – Non-Residents $30 each - Alcohol Permit Cost $10

Gill Creek - Gazebo - Residents - $75 Non-Residents $100 - Alcohol Permit Cost $10
Gill Creek - Shelter - Residents - $50 Non-Residents $60 - Alcohol Permit Cost $10

Small Parks - Residents - $100 Non-Residents $125 Alcohol Permit Cost - $10
(ex. Nor-Lock, Gluck, Legends Court, etc.,)

Green Spaces (Prior Approval Needed) Residents - $50 - Non-Residents $60 - Alcohol Permit Cost $10

Lasalle Waterfront Park - Gazebo - Residents $100 - Non-Residents $125 - Alcohol Permit Cost $10

Lasalle Facility - Large Building - Residents $30/hr - Non-Residents  $30/hr - Alcohol Permit Cost $10

Large Shelters (2) – Capacity 200 people                                                                                   
The Oasis or Centennial – Residents $105 each – Non-Residents $120 each -Alcohol Pemit $10

Duck Island Shelter – Residents $100 - Non-Residents $125 - Alcohol Permit $10
Duck Island Whole Island - Residents $250 - Non-Residents $250 - Alcohol Permit $10

Fishing – Docks, Pier and "By the Shore"

Tennis, Lawn Bowling, Volleyball, Horseshoe Pits -  FREE when leagues are not in session

Bocce - Per League Player a Season -  $10 per person (Resident and Non-Resident)

Lawn Bowling – Per League Player a Season League  - $10 per person (Resident and Non-Resident)


Rose Garden – Reservations Available for Weddings or Photography Sessions. FREE

Hyde Park Twin Ice Rinks – For information call 285-0715

Pools –  FREE General Admission


Hyde Park Pool     and     Hyde Park Spray Park

91st Street Pool           Center Court Pool

Rentals Available  – When Pool is not scheduled to be open to the General Public 

Spray Pools (3 hours) Residents $50/hr - Non-Residents $50/hr  -  

Hyde Park Pool/Center Ct/91st St Pools -  Residents$80/hr - Non-Residents - $80/hr (limit 40 swimmers)
(11am - 2pm or 3pm - 6pm) Sundays only

NOTE: The Rose Garden is FREE in hour blocks of time for Weddings or Photographs
NOTE: Bounce houses and other speciality items require a separate form and proof of insurance
NOTE: NO grilling or Alcohol allowed at the Spray Pools
NOTE: Tables/Chairs Available at an hourly rate + overhead (prior approval from the Director/Deputy needed)

Hyde Park Playground – Swings and more

Outlying Parks


Black Creek Park        

Colvin Boulevard – Play area, picnicking, Summer Recreation Programming, nature walk

Caravelle Drive Park

  • Caravelle & Marine Memorial, Play area, basketball.

D'Amelio Park

Center St and 15th St, Play area, wading pool, swimming pool, baseball diamond, basketball and bandshell.

Gill Creek Park

Niagara and Hyde Park Boulevard, Play Area, Summer Recreation Programming.

Gluck Park

15th and South Ave., Play area, basketball, Summer Recreation Programming.

 Griffon Park & Boat Launch

              -Fishing, picnicking, play area.

Jayne Park

 Cayuga Island and Joliet Ave – Picnicking, play area, baseball, basketball, Summer Programming.

Jerauld Park – Jerauld and 29th St, Play area, baseball, basketball, Summer Recreation Program.

LaSalle Park 


Frontier and 91st St – Play area, baseball, swimming, basketball, Summer Recreation Programming.

Liberty Park 


 Forest and 19th St - Play area, Summer Recreation Programming.

Nor-Lock Park

 North and Lockport Roads – Play area, Summer Recreation Programming

Perry Park – Girard and 60th – Baseball, Basketball, Play Area, Summer Recreation Programming.

South Jr. Playground

  • Fenced playground for ages 5 to 12.

Stephenson Park – Stephenson and 74th St – Basketball, picnicking, play area, Summer Recreation Programming.

Tom Miklejn Baseball Field – Maple Ave & Lewiston Road Summer Programming.