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Mr. Charles Walker
(716) 286-4307

Mr. Andrew Touma, Chairman
(716) 286-4303


Mr. Ezra Scott Jr.
(716) 286-4304
Ms. Kristen Grandinetti
(716) 286-4308


Mr. Kenny Tompkins
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Executive Assistant
Ms. Bridgette Myles



Council meetings are held every other week in the City Council Chambers, Room 116 at City Hall, 745 Main Street.  
Committee of the Whole Meeting - 5:00PM
• Legislative Meeting - 6:00PMThe Council is in recess for the month of August.

If you would like to speak at the Legislative Council meeting, you must sign in before the Legislative meeting with the City Clerk.
Citizens may speak on agenda items and/or "for the good of the city."

NOTE: The Chairperson will enable members of the public to speak on any topic of concern to the welfare of the City for a time not to exceed five (5) minutes for each person; he/she may limit the number of speakers on a topic or agenda item or the overall public speaking time if the same will unduly delay the commencement of the agenda. (The Chair may at his/her sole discretion, extend a speaker's time by no more than two (2) minutes where the speaker has requested such additional time prior to the commencement of the meeting on an agenda item.

(Excerpt from Resolution 1993 - 137. which was adopted by the Niagara Falls City Council on October 18, 1993.)


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Council Votesheet for June 27th 2016

Council Agenda for July 11th 2016

Supporting Documentation for Council Agenda July 11th 2016

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Council Votesheet for July 25th 2016



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